Friday, October 31, 2003

The creative juices are flowing. I didn't think about work all night. I'm a geek, so I took my engineer notebook to class. I wrote down three more bits during the class. I also got the eye of the teacher with my question about Billl Moyar's piece on cable access television and contract renewals. He. he. he. Good news is that Access Tucson ( has a contract 6 years to go. The two gin and tonics afterwards really brought out my bright side. This should be fun.

I gotta get Mike to get on Access Tucson's case about online viewing. Real Player? Yea right. I don't like Real Player. Maybe Mike can Appleize them.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Mike is so slow in the head on how the Internet works. He needs more edumacation.

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Tomorrow is our orientation class for using the studios to produce our show. This is the first baby step for SBTV. We're going to be taking a camera so you can go along for the ride.

Segment: The baby sitting saga to allow me to attend this class. It's very complicated.

Segment: Study on ketchup packet sizing and how the evil corporations decided to reduce the amount of ketchup in the ketchup packet to save millions of dollars, but force me to use 4 packets for one thing of fries

Segment: Mark's grass installation. We will need to do some taping since that happens on Saturday.
This is the first post of the Smoke Break TV Blog! Ooooo. Now, back to the Richard Cam.