Thursday, December 25, 2003

I purchased a copy of Final Cut Express this week to use on my iMac for video editing. Access Tucson has all of this software available in their building, but I figured the price was worth it to purchase it so I could stay home and still be able to edit. I'm learning it.

We have production times scheduled in the first quarter including studio time at Access Tucson and two weekend of field equipment checkout. Hopefully we'll have a couple episodes in the can by March.

The lottery for show times at Access Tucson is held in January. Wish us luck, or you will be watching the show at 3:30am in the morning.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Tonight we started shooting our first episode. 2 hours of work produced about 2 minutes of footage. Excellent. Binky, Idea Guy and I went down to Access Tucson and shot several scenes. We also signed up for some field equipment for two weekends in February. We have a bit of work to do to get the first episode on the air in March. It's crunch time.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

So we have this guy at work that thinks Smoke Break TV is just a scam. Well, I had a talking with him and I adjusted his attitude. See the results ...

1. Waking up on a holiday and deciding to have a friendly game of football with your sons...$100
2. The smell of turkey dinner cooking just inside the house...$100
3. Being the first in line at the ER...$50 deductible
4. Having your photo on the Smoke Break TV BLOG...priceless!

Monday, December 01, 2003

Took the CG class tonight with Idea Guy. We had four people in the class. It was fun, if not a little basic. "CTRL-X does cut, CTRL-C does copy". I was impressed with the poor quality of the GUI in the software. They have spin edit controls that you need to click into and drag left or right to change the number. Cute, but not intuitive. After going through the program with the instructor, we divided into three groups. One person in the hall, one person in studio A and Idea Guy and I in Studio B. At one point the instructor called us the "rowdy group". Excellent.