Saturday, November 15, 2003

4 of 6 classes on studio production are down. The last class was interesting. We spent almost all of the night in the control room. During our class, there was a live show in the other studio - Chick Chat. They had a call in number. We were going to call in, but our break ended. They also wanted us to sign up for volunteers. We could volunteer on Chick Chat - that's probably our style.

Dinner and conversation at Hotel Congress was uninspiring. Mostly about whether Quick Time Rules or Quick Time Sucks. (It rules.) I'm working on adding a personalities section to the web site. I also acquired a trucker hat from my dad. It's a seed corn trucker hat. I don't know if that is a desirable as a tractor trucker hat, but maybe if I'm wearing it, that will increase the desirability.

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