Monday, February 23, 2004

Last night of Field Production class. We have spent 6 nights learning about how to use the field production cameras and editing. The field camera is really nice and takes great video. We also got to shoot some stuff for the class that we will use in the show.

At this point we have 5 promos for the show about ready to go on air. That will probably cause people to start to know that we exist. I have also bought a firewire hard drive and some other equipment so I can edit at home. It's worth it so I can stay at home and not need to drive downtown.

The worst thing about Access Tucson is that all programming is on DVCPro format instead of MiniDV. So I will still need to reserve time downtown to write the masters to DVCPro for submission.

We're still trying to get things together to put together some shows. At this point I think we have the makings of about 3 shows. Talent is sometimes hard to come by because we're all so busy. There was some conversation about Ralph joining the race yesterday that we should have gotten on video. Maybe later. The problem is that the best Smoke Break conversations are on actual breaks --- hard to video tape.

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